Thursday, April 7, 2011

Synology DS210j HDD Temperature

I mentioned in a previous post that I installed a new drive in my NAS to correct a degraded RAID volume. I was pondering why the drive failed so soon after installation in the NAS. Coincidence is certainly a possibility, but perhaps there was more to it.

As I was pondering this, I was keeping an eye on the RAID volume rebuild. I noticed that the temperature for Disk 2 was climbing steadily from 39C through to 49C with no signs of stopping. Normal HDD operating temperatures usually top out around 55C and even then you don't want to operate in that range is it degrades the media more quickly. Could this be what happened to my poor disk from before?

A bit of thinking and searched revealed that the Fan Speed Mode in the Power settings app is effect controlling profile which dictates how fast the fan spins for a given temperature. Mine was set to "Quiet" mode, which perhaps should be labeled "bake your disks" mode, as some more digging indicates that mode is only useful when using 2.5" disks or operating your NAS outdoors in Qikkigiaq.

I switched to "Cooling Mode" and my drive temperatures stabilized, then dropped down to 35C and 45C respectively. Disk 2 runs hotter I noticed, but that's like as it is sandwiched between Disk 1 and the case.

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