Thursday, March 24, 2011

Enabling SCP on Synology DS210j

If you followed my previous guide on bootstrapping your Synology NAS by installing the IPKG management system, you might have noticed at some point that while ssh works a charm, scp is not available. Well, that's very easy to fix!

This assumes you've have IPKG installed on your Synology.
  1. ssh into your Synology's root account
    ssh root@hushhush
  2. Install the zlib package
    ipkg install zlib
  3. Install the openssh packageipkg install openssh
  4. Create a symlink to the scp executable in /bin
    (Note: In later DSM's you can just comment out the two PATH lines in your .profile instead.  The path is set to include /opt/bin automatically in /etc/profile)
    ln -s /opt/bin/scp /bin/scp

You should now be able to scp files to your NAS using your normal credentials.

NOTE: Please read this post regarding root & admin passwords before proceeding!!

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